Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6/21/1996 Lone Star launches

June 21, 1996.  Today saw the release of Lone Star, written and directed by John Sayles.  It was a terrific movie entangling half a dozen stories in a  small border town in Texas next to an army base.  One of them is a long-unsolved murder.

It starred Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Elizabeth Peña, Matthew McConaughey, and Joe Morton.  It was nominated for both an Oscar and an Edgar.

Cliff: You're gonna get married?
Mickey: Maybe.
Cliff: You met her family? Think her family's gonna be okay that you're a white guy?
Mickey: They think any woman over 30 who isn't married is a lesbian. She figures, they'll be so relieved that I'm a man...
Cliff: Yeah, it's always heartwarming to see a prejudice defeated by a deeper prejudice.

Monday, June 13, 2016

6/13/2005 The Closer opens

June 13, 2005.  Today saw the premiere of TNT's hit cop show, The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick starred as a deputy police chief in LA who specialized in getting confessions.  From the guilty people we help.  It ran for six years.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

6/2/2012 Ferris wins the Bony Blithe

June 2, 2012. The Bloody Words Conference in Canada decided to give out a prize for the best traditional mystery of the year, "books that make us smile."  The first Bony Blithe Award was announced on this day and it went to Gloria Ferris for Cheat The Hangman.