Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6/21/1996 Lone Star launches

June 21, 1996.  Today saw the release of Lone Star, written and directed by John Sayles.  It was a terrific movie entangling half a dozen stories in a  small border town in Texas next to an army base.  One of them is a long-unsolved murder.

It starred Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Elizabeth Peña, Matthew McConaughey, and Joe Morton.  It was nominated for both an Oscar and an Edgar.

Cliff: You're gonna get married?
Mickey: Maybe.
Cliff: You met her family? Think her family's gonna be okay that you're a white guy?
Mickey: They think any woman over 30 who isn't married is a lesbian. She figures, they'll be so relieved that I'm a man...
Cliff: Yeah, it's always heartwarming to see a prejudice defeated by a deeper prejudice.

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