Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8/19/1968 The Saint thanks his creator

August 19, 1968.  Leslie Charteris created Simon Templar, the helpful rogue known as The Saint in the 1920s.    In 1962 The Saint became a TV starring a young actor named Roger Moore.  On this date in 1968, nearing the end of the show's run, Moore sent a cablegram to Charteris:

The thanks are due to you for making a halo which fitted so well.   - Roger

Source: "'The Saint' Speaks, Paul M. James.  The Armchair Detective, v23, n 3.



  1. Loved those books. Moore did a good job with the character.

  2. That's nice! I didn't know Moore had done that!

  3. This was in response to a telegram Leslie and Audrey sent him congratulating him on the long run.