Sunday, March 12, 2017

3/12/2001 Rubert Ludlum passes

March 12, 2001.  I don't usually discuss the deaths of authors, preferring to stick to their births like the chipper little optimist I am.  But some special cases deserve a mention.

Robert Ludlum's thrillers made him quite rich.  Movies like The Bourne Identity made him more so.  In January 2001 he signed a new will leaving his second wife, Karen Dunn, something in the range of five million dollars.

Less than a month later firefighters were called to his house and found him on fire.  That's right;  he was  in a reclining chair, too weak to get up, and he was burning.  According to his nephew:

The cause of the fire was inexplicable. Fire crews were astonished to find Robert still ablaze a full six minutes after the emergency services had first been called. Our investigators have also established that fire extinguishers throughout the house had been left untouched. Certainly, Karen had not bothered to put out the flames.

Instead firefighters found her in the kitchen, belligerent and uncooperative. 'F*** off, I'm fixing myself a drink,' she told them.

He died a month later, not long after returning home from the hospital.  No charges were filed.

Read the whole article here.

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