Friday, January 23, 2015

1/23/1975 Barney Miller premieres

January 23, 1975.  Barney Miller premiered on this day, on ABC.  It ran until 1982.  Was there ever a better sitcom about cops?  The detectives of New York's 12th Precinct had vivid personalities and hilarious conflicts. A few favorite lines, probably garbled from memory:
Levitt: (after earning a glare from Captain Miller) I"ll be downstairs in a pool of blood if you need me.
Wojo: (after arresting a shoe fetishist) This sort of thing used to shock me but now I realize there's nothing in the whole Sears catalog someone doesn't want to sleep with.
Yemana: Barney, divorce is like a horse with a broken leg. You can shoot the horse, but that don't fix the leg.

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  1. And I watched the unsold pilot that ABC aired in August of 1974, something networks used to do. The network liked what it saw and ordered it as a replacement series. That pilot was re-shot as the episode "Ramon," and it may (may!) be on one of the DVDs. When we saw it in '74, we thought it was brilliant and funny. The show only got better!