Sunday, February 22, 2015

2/22/1925 Edward Gorey born

February 22, 1925.  Edward Gorey, a master of creepy illustrations and odd humor, was 
born this day. Besides his cheerful alphabet books about children dying horrible deaths, and tales of vaguely described sexual oddities, Gorey provided the title artwork for the PBS series Mystery. 

In 1978 the Mystery Writers of America gave him the Raven Award for the sets he designed for Dracula on Broadway.  He won the Tony Award for best costume design for the same play.  He also won the World Fantasy Award for best artist.


  1. I think it's Edward D. Hoch's birthday, too! (It isn't George Washington's, originally--he was born on the 11th!)

  2. I love Edward Gorey - his Amphigoreys are amongst my most precious books.