Thursday, April 2, 2015

4/2/1974 The Sting is the Best Picture

April 2, 1974.  A little movie with a convoluted plot about a con game won the Oscar for Best picture on this date.  It was the second combination of director George Roy Hill with Paul Newman and Robert Redford (after Butch Cassidy of course).  David S. Ward's screenplay also won an Oscar, one of seven for the film.

The movie's theme, "The Entertainer," by Scott Joplin, led to a boost in popularity for Ragtime.

My favorite line: "What was I supposed to do—call him for cheating better than me?" –Doyle Lonigan (Robert Shaw)

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  1. Between this movie and the upcoming Bicentennial it was a golden age for vintage American Music. If Louis Morreau Gottschalk and Scott Joplin could have run in the '76 election, they would have won in a landslide!