Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12/16/1933 The Strange Death of Louis Joseph Vance

December 16, 1933.  So, how many mystery writers died of spontaneous combustion?

Well, none really.  But there are two candidates.  One of them died today.

Louis Joseph Vance wrote tons of short stories, many of them about Michael Lanyard, aka The Lone Wolf.  Lanyard was a jewel thief who turned into  a private eye.  The character was made into 24  movies, one of which (The Lone Wolf  Meets A Lady  (1940))  was based on a book by a different author,  The Maltese Falcon.

Oh, about Vance's death?  Vance died on this day, burned to death in his armchair.  He had been smoking, drinking, and, for some reason, using benzene.

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