Friday, February 5, 2016

2/5/1999 Payback opens

February 5, 1999.  The movie Payback opened this day.  It was based on the novel The Hunter by Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake).  As I remember hearing the story from Westlake at a conference the producers bought the rights to the movie  Point Blank,  which was also based on the novel and were then surprised when Westlake's agent pointed out that they didn't have the right  to use the character's name.  The producers of the first movie had not paid the extra amount for the series character.  So Parker in the books became Porter in Payback..  Westlake complained that that name made the character sound fat.

So, whatever the dude's name is, he is a nasty armed robber who is almost killed by his wife and best friend.  This makes him a bit testy and he decides to go after them.  And, oh yes, somebody owes him some money.

 "I think all those stories about you being dead are true.  You're just too thick-headed to admit it."

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