Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5/30/1992 Bloody Ten

May 30, 1992.  This was the publication date for Bloody Ten, William Love's third mystery starring  Francis X. Regan, a wheelchair-using bishop, and his assistant Davey Goldman.  In this case an acquaintance of Davey is blamed for the murder of his newly-discovered half-brother. 

If a detective who can't leave the house with a narrating assistant sounds familiar, Kirkus Reviews agreed with you.  They said: "Though they still haven't escaped Nero Wolfe's portly shadow, Love's homages have now gotten to be quite a treat in their own right."

There are several editions of Bloody Ten but I chose this cover to shame the publisher for the obvious typo.  Tsk and Tsk.

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  1. Be careful who you confess your sins also...?