Monday, January 2, 2017

1/2/1942 Dreaming of Babylon begins

January 2, 1942.  Whatever type of novel Richard Brautigan set out to write - gothic, romance, fantasy, horror - what always came out was a Richard Brautigan novel.  That could be wonderful, or not.  Dreaming of Babylon is pretty wondrful.

It's about C. Card, a private eye in wartime San Francisco who can't get into the army because he got bashed on the head once too often and occasionally finds himself in ancient Babylon.  He thinks. 

And on this date he finally has a client!  If only he can borrow some bullets for his gun...


  1. And so I acquire another (3) books, as this is part of the 3-in-1 volume (along with A Confederate General at Big Sur and The Hawkline Monster).

  2. Confederate General is a good one. Hawkline, meh. I also recommend The Abortion (the hero is a librarian, sort of) and (if you can stand real weird) In Watermelon Sugar.