Thursday, October 1, 2015

10/1/1940 Hello to Farewell My Lovely

October 1, 1940.  Farewell, My Lovely was published by Knopf on this day.  It was Raymond Chandler's second novel about Los Angeles P.I. Philip Marlowe, and my favorite.  It is a classic noir story with a hard luck guy chasing a beautiful dame who done him wrong and continues to do him wronger.

In this case the loving loser is Moose Malloy, a big man recently released from prison and looking for his sweetheart, Velma.  He runs into Marlowe and, after Moose kills a man and disappears, Marlowe starts hunting Velma himself...

It was made into three movies, including the Robert Mitchum version which is my favorite Chandler-based flick.  Yes, I know that's blasphemy.  I don't care.  

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