Thursday, March 12, 2015

3/12/1973 The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper unwrapped

March 12, 1973.  On this date the tenth Travis McGee novel by John D. MacDonald was published.  The salvage consultant is trying to help the daughter of a former lover, a woman who seems determined to die.  Kirkus Review said: "while the story seems overly complicated and diffused this time, no one can knock its flushed allure since McGee's powers to persuade or seduce seem more puissant than ever."  And how often have you been called puissant?

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  1. Here’s a quote about John D. Macdonald that I often see bouncing around the web (I hesitate to quote from Wikipeida, which we all know is generally stuff we can wipe our asses with, but this seems legit). “Macdonald is by any standards a better writer than Saul Bellow, only Macdonald writes thrillers and Bellow is a human heart chap, so guess who wears the top grade laurels?” That’s from Kingsley Amis.