Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/17/1978 Bill DeAndrea becomes a novelist

March 17, 1978.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  On this day Killed In The Ratings was published.  It was the first novel by William L. DeAndrea, and it won the Edgar for Best First Novel.  The novel introduced Matt Cobb, a TV executive, who starred in seven more novels.  DeAndrea went on to win Edgars for Best Paperback Original and Best Critical/Biographical Work. 

For many years DeAndrea wrote a column for The Armchair Detective, with the provocative name "J'Accuse!"  He was politically conservative and not afraid of a fight, so the column was extremely lively.

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  1. I remember the J'Accuse! columns. I still have not read one of his books and I have several on my book shelves.