Saturday, March 28, 2015

3/28/1966 The Avengers conquer America

March 28, 1966.  The Avengers actually started in 1961, and was about a doctor trying to find the people who killed his wife.  But after a year the doctor left and his assistant, John Steed (played by Patrick Macnee) took over the show.  By 1966 when ABC brought it to the United States, it had turned into a stylish spy program.  And the large influx of American bucks allowed them to move from video to 35mm film, giving it the beautiful look we all remember.

Steed had several partners over the year but the one Americans all remember is Mrs. Emma Peel played by the wonderful Diana Rigg.

I remember hearing an interview with Macnee a decade ago in which he was asked what it was like to be in Swinging London in the mid-sixties, starring on the hottest show on TV.  He laughed and said he had no idea.  After fourteen-hour-days filming they all went straight home to sleep.


  1. Loved this show...wish they had more like it now...

  2. Emma Peel - the first real role model for young girls, a woman who was brave, smart, and almost never needed to be rescued!