Sunday, September 13, 2015

9/13/1974 This is Jim Rockford...

September 13, 1974.  Today saw the premiere of what many people consider the greatest private eye show to ever grace TV.  James Garner starred as luckless ex-convict Jim Rockford, living in a mobile home in Malibu and struggling with occasional clients and a group of friends who were more trouble than the bad guys.

The show was created and produced by Roy Huggins (Maverick and The Fugitive) Stephen J Cannell (The A-Team and Wiseguy).  One beloved feature was the opening, with a different message being left on the hero's answering machine each week:

"Say, I'm the one who hit your car at Fork City, I've got no insurance, I'm broke. But, I really wanted you to know how sorry I am. If it makes you feel any better I hurt my arm."

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  1. It was the 2nd best P.I. series--right behind "Harry O."