Thursday, September 17, 2015

9/17/2011 SleuthSayers launches

September 17, 2011.  Four years ago today the SleuthSayers blog began.  Fourteen mystery writers taking turns with occasional pushing and shoving.  No, we've gotten along wonderfully.  As for what follows, my apologies if I screw it up...

Some of us have stayed through the whole run (with an occasional sabbatical): Dale Andrews, John Floyd, Jan Grape, Dixon Hill, Robert Lopresti, and Leigh Lundin.

Among those who were here for a while and then saw the error of their ways:  David Dean, Deborah Elliott-Upton,  Terence Faherty,   Janice Law, R.T. Lawton, Fran Rizer, Stephen Ross, Susan Slater, Neil Schofield, Brian Thornton, Louis A. Willis, Jim Winter,  and Elizabeth Zelvin.  Some of them still make occasional guest appearances.

And these folks have joined and are still gracing the place with their presence:  Melodie Campbell, Susan Rogers Cooper, Eve Fisher, David Edgerley Gates, Barb Goffman,   Paul D. Marks, Art Taylor, B.K Stevens, and Melissa Yi.

Come on by.  We're open every day.

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  1. That'll teach me to check these sites every day! Happy (Late) anniversary!