Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/15/1990 J.A. Jance hunts new territory

November 15, 1990.  By 1990  author J.A. Jance had already written half a dozen novels about  Seattle cop J.P. Beaumont.  But in Hour of the Hunter, published on this date, she struck out in a new direction.  From Seattle, that would be, south southeast.

Andrew Carlisle spent six years in prison for murdering a Tohono O'Odham Indian girl.  Now he's out and he wants revenge on Diana Ladd, the widow who testified against him.  Ladd teaches on the Indian reservation in Arizona and she knows he's coming for her.  On her side is a blind medicine man and a vengeful detective.  And a whole lot of Indian folklore...

Jance has written four sequels about Diana Ladd and her family.

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