Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/15/1937 Fletch's father is born

February 15, 1937.  Gregory McDonald was born on this date in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.  He achieved his greatest fame as the invention of an ethically-challenged reporter named Irwin Maurice Fletcher.

AKA Fletch.  Fletch won the Edgar for Best First Mystery; Confess, Fletch win for Best Paperback Mystery, the only time a novel and its immediate sequel both received Edgars.

The plot of Fletch was a one-of-a-kind high concept strike of genius: a millionaire hires a homeless beach bum to kill him (he's terminally ill, or so he says), not realizing the bum is actually a reporter.  The Chevy Chase movie screwed up the plot thoroughly, by the way, but I am sure it made McDonald a lot of money.  Good. 

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